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SXE FIT Aerobics

This class is my baby!! 

Ladies, I am the founder of this class and it has been going strong for the past eight years in and around North and West Yorkshire

SXE stands for Sexy X-rated Exercise, and is a different style of aerobics, combining exotic dance and compound exercises into an aerobic dance session

This class guarantees you fantastic results in your body shape.

Every move is a sexy move!

You will learn Big Bum’s Bum, body judders, SXE shifts, body winds and grinds, body popping, double whammies, body rolls, SXE squats, and SXE lunges!

Time and again SXE Dance Aerobics has proved to have a huge success, not only in the numbers of ladies who love this class, but with the RESULTS achieved by each and every one!


These are just a few of the words you can expect to be hurled at you during the SXEFIT aerobics workout!

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