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SXE Fit Flex

Have you ever wanted to be more flexible? To the point where you can do the splits, touch your toes even lift your leg to your head??? Well this is the exact kind of intense stretch you need!

Incorporating breathing techniques, you will learn the true importance of being flexible – one of the secrets of staying supple and young.

Check out what one of our lovely ladies had to say about her first SXE Flex class below

Flex It Baby!

I remember when I was younger, I was quite proud of my bendiness, crab, splits, high kicks you name it, I thought I was queen bendy wendy. The problem is, I just automatically assumed that I would always be flexible. I dont think I did too bad after my firstborn. When I say this, what I mean is a glass of wine later and I still thought I was in with a chance of the olympics. Fast forward another 10 years after my firstborn, and I feel about as bendy as a Jacob's Cracker. I’m not 100% sure where down the line I lost the ability to do the splits, but it was probably circa 2007/2008 when my waistline was over capacitated and it was acceptable to cover it up with the dreaded leggings trend (I’ve now made a promise to myself that my leggings are for the gym, and not to be worn shopping with an oversized top to hide the love affair I had with Fox’s biscuits the week previous) Anyway, that brings me to the present, and one of my all time favourite classes here at the SXEfit Studios. FLEX! Just the name of the class makes me want to acquire some leg warmers and warm up like they do in the ‘Call On Me’ video….. Curtains closed obviously! However I should make one thing clear, by no means should you be fooled into a false pretence that this class is going to be any easier than the others. I made this mistake myself when I opted for what I thought was the ‘easy’ option. But can you blame me really? I was sat reading about ‘Kettlehell’ and ‘Hardcore’ and lets face it ‘Flex’ even sounds easier than ‘Legs Bums and Tums’ So there we have it, my mind was made up! I (thought I) was breaking myself in nice and easy. After all, If I wanted to be a fully fledged sexy pole dancer, wrapping myself around the pole like a Britney Spears (pre breakdown) tribute, then surely this was where I needed to start! I booked in and couldn't wait! The warm up is not to be sniffed at, Tiffany is fully aware that you need to get yourself super warmed up before trying to prove yourself worthy of a Britain’s got Talent audition. And this warm up is no different from her usual classes, fun, energetic and warms you up faster than a fan oven at a Sunday carvery. After this, your then put to the test! The moves require balance and inner core strength, all of which are worked on, so dont think you need these to join in the class. The moves really do FLEX those muscles in a way that makes you feel very ‘new’ and well balanced. This class is held on a Friday evening, so this could be a good reason that this is one of my favourite classes. Imagine your hard week at work or at home full of to do lists. Flex is a perfect end to the weekdays and really gets your weekend off to a refreshing start. You can stretch away your stresses along with helping your body become more supple and use muscles that often get left behind in everyday life. I’m not yet a fully fledged contortionists and I don’t think I’m quite ready to reform as the front woman of Pussycat Dolls (see you later Nicole) but after 5 classes of flex, I am literally just a few inches from sitting in the splits again (just hit me with a whiskey) I have successfully held my crab position and I am all round so much more supple. I would also add that, if like me you were a little unsure about starting exercise again, feel like your jeans are a little on the tight end and feel uncomfortable, this class not only helps you become more supple, but DOES burn calories so I would advise this as a great starting class to come and get yourself introduced here at SXEfit.
If you want to come and join us, feel free to use the online booking system and put yourself to the flex test. Even if you're ‘touching your tiptoes’ move is about as close as Sydney is to London, don’t worry, a few classes and I honestly think you will be proud of yourself along with breaking a sweat and losing a couple of pounds! I hope to see you there!

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