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Remember back when you were a child?

you had so much fun doing handstands and cartwheels!

Well with SXEFIT Warrior we take you straight back to your youth!

Check out what one of our lovely ladies had to say about Warrior

I can remember the fearlessness of being a child. Looking back it just seems like random acts that would never have bothered a 7 year old me. Like walking through nettle strewn bramble bushes looking for the biggest juiciest blackberries, getting stung along the way. Or taking up friends on that dare and jumping from the top steps at the park. Maybe sliding down the slide backwards with my eyes closed? fast forward some 23 years and these things make my heart, ever so slightly, a little faster. As an adult it seems we begin to build barriers. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are obviously some fun lovings ones left of us…. the sky divers, the climbers... just the general thrill seekers. However motherhood seemed to have caught me a bit short and I’m fully aware that I’m a little dull when it comes to fun…. I’m the one that’s weighing up the health and safety issues in my head. I miss the 7 year old me.

It is also apparent that as a member of the female species, I am far more bothered about my looks these days. When I was around that young tender age of 7, if I arrived home from playing out with ‘the gang’ full of bruises, a few nettle stings and a bloody good knee graze, then I had infact had an extremely amazing playing out session. I also remember that if I wanted to do a mighty good handstand in my summer dress at school, I wasn’t at all bothered what knickers I was wearing or who would see them. Again fast forward 23 years and the thought of someone seeing my underwear (fit to convert into an 8 man tent) sends shivers down my spine. And as far as bruises and grazes go, well that wouldn’t work in my latest purchase from Zara!

The reason for all my nostalgia in this post is quite simple really….. the SXEfit WARRIOR class. All of the above came flooding back to me. First of all, this class was not what I was quite expecting at first. When I heard warrior, I thought I would be doing some gruelling obstacle, but for me the obstacle was of a mental type. Scrap that it was also gruelling in the physical sense…. Tiffanys warm ups are not really for the faint hearted for a start. I was told in this class that there is no such thing as can’t! If the word ‘can’t’ was heard coming from anyone's lips, 40 press ups were the result of the blasphemy!....I won’t go into detail how many I had to do. As a class, Warrior is a good base to start if you are wanting to enter into the magical world of pole. What did strike/shock me, was at the fear I hold in myself. I never knew how much fear played a big role in my life (or in anyone’s for that matter) In class, we were taught how to hold our bodies side on or upright, while holding onto the pole….you can imagine how many times I used the word ‘cant’! It was not actually that I couldn’t do it really, it was a fear. A fear of dropping myself to the floor. Where was my childhood confidence? We were also made to practice our handstand skills in the class. Now let me tell you, as the 1993 junior playground champion, I am ashamed. I actually convinced myself at the beginning of the class, I was too weak and I couldn’t do any of the things that Tiffany, who was downright adamant and not budging on the subject, was telling me that I COULD!

It turns out Tiffany was right, she usually is, well 100% of the time she is anyway. I should've known better really. By the end of the class I had held myself on a pole, done a handstand against the wall only to be followed by a freestanding handstand at the end of the class. And not only that…. My top fell over my boobs (sports bra stayed in place) and I wasn’t bothered who saw my overused (eating and childbearing) midriff. In the end I actually felt quite liberated. It was fun working with a partner in the class too. I was convinced I would be put with someone who could walk in the handstand and tightrope all at the same time, but the class couldn’t be more fun. I was excited, laughing and proud of myself all in the space of an hour with the best support group ever… the SXEfit girls!

So guys just to round things up here, as adults I truly believe that fear takes up too much time in our daily lives. Looking back at your childhood, try think of the things that never scared you and you would happily take part in. It never hurt us as a child, so why would it as an adult. And as far as being concerned of what others think of you, what do you think of yourself? As long as you like what you see, take the leap, enjoy the jump and show your knickers….. even, if like mine they resemble camping equipment.

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