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Pole Dancing

SXE FIT Pole Dance classes will give you the most SXE Xciting Exercise workout ever!!!

Price: £10.00 per class
Class duration: One hour
What to wear: You’ll need bare arms and legs to make sure you stick to the pole, so shorts and vest are ideal. Leggings are fine as long as you can roll them up. On your feet, wear heels you can walk comfortably in or bare feet.

It’s easy to see why pole dancing is so popular:

Come and join our SXE FIT Pole classes and become the sexy dancer you always wanted to be!

Classes are aimed at amateurs of all ages, shapes and sizes. You don’t need any prior experience and you can even come and hire a pole for yourself. Private Pole dancing and lap dancing tuition is available too.


Check out what the lovely Kim has to say about SXE Pole

Did you know that there is currently a campaign to get pole dancing into the Olympics? No I didn't either! And did you know that pole first took off in Canada in the 1980’s? (there was me thinking it would be Vegas) There’s even an International Pole Sport Federation!

Let me just start by saying that when Tiffany asked me if I would be interested in writing for her blog, to say I was flattered is an understatement. But you should know that she really didn't ask me because of my pole dancing skills that's for sure! Never the less, I feel honoured to get the chance to feature as her guest blogger. And due to the fact that SXEFIT is based around Pole dance/fitness I wanted to make sure my first post looks at Pole from not only beginner point of view, but also from the point of view of a normal average everyday woman like myself. I knew straight away that I owe it to Tiffany AND her students to really research this genre of performance art in order for me to write about the subject
Now, I know that there has to be more women out there like myself (or possibly not) but in my younger days, all it took was a DJ, a pole and a run in with a few glasses of cheap red, and I truly believed I owned the pole. I also believed I looked sexy while owning it. The closest I actually came to owning it was the fact that I was the only one on there! .... 5 hours sleep later, a MacDonald’s breakfast and a scroll through my photos on my 2003 Samsung flip phone and I was totally proven wrong! I've later since become a little more, what's the word, reserved? I'm not sure if it's the dress sizes I've gone up that's done it or the endless tagging possibilities on Facebook but I'm not as dance savvy as I used to be. Fast forward 13 years (I feel old putting that in writing) and what I wouldn't give to have the confidence to give it a go! So when I was invited to sit in and take a look at what a pole class entails, I couldn't wait!
I’m not sure why, but when the time came for me to have my own personal viewing of the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I couldn’t help think to myself ‘Would I be an odd one out? The intruder to the clique? .... Oh god what if I have to do some sort of initiation test to join their gang?’ I later came to the conclusion that I clearly watch too many gangster movies and I need to reconsider my bedtime. After a more than warm welcome from Tara on reception who I was meeting for the first time, I started to feel more at ease. Making my way upto the top floor studio, I knew I was in for a treat! On arrival you will find 12 student poles all perfectly positioned between original roof beams and to the front a raised stage area with another pole for the tutor. With the music coming from the sound system you can’t help but feel your stepping into some chilled out club. Although if the SXEfit studios were a club, let’s just say it would be much more upmarket than places I would gyrate my drunken self at 13 years ago (which I thought were the bomb and totally acceptable places to hang out at the time) Between the poles there’s also a mixture of Ariel silks and hoops so you can tell from just being in the studio that Tiffany really does know her stuff.
As I make myself scarce to the padded seating area at the back of the studio, Tiffany introduces me to the class and I’m instantly given a warm welcome which I’ve come to learn is just second nature at the SXEfit studios. As I sit waiting for the class to start I become fully aware that I look like some crazed people watcher (you know the type, the ones you get in bus stations at midnight wearing nothing but an anorak) As I’m sat ‘people watching’ there’s a couple of things I notice. First of all was quite a big one for me, and that is that all the women who were there for class, were just everyday women like myself. Infact I don’t even know what I was expecting? I then noticed how sociable everyone was, plenty of group chats and all lively and friendly. Next I noticed that everyone had brought a pair of heels (I was told that this was an intermediate class) and after that I noticed that some of the girls were fake tanning!!! I was intrigued, I wondered if they were having a wild crazy Wednesday night out after class, I later found that after speaking to a woman called Becky this was so they stick to the pole (silly me!) As I watch the class kick into action, each and everyone one of the girls seem to be eager and ready to enjoy the session. I couldn’t help but notice how the warm up seems to be off to a T by the whole class with the pole incorporated as part of the process.
It was explained to me that the intermediate class was made up of students that had a range of between 6 months-3 years in experience! And the girls all agreed that it took around a week to master a routine. I thought about how it could take me a week to master a move! Praise the lord for beginner’s class. It was such an honour to watch a completed routine along with a routine in progress which really did portray to me the beauty and strength involved. It becomes apparent that pole dance/fitness requires a level of flexibility and strength along with endurance, which is evidently taught in the classes. I couldn’t help but think of the elegance of ballet mixed in with acrobatics and at times some of the moves put with music gave me goose bumps.
After my experience with this class, I urge any woman considering pole as their choice of fitness to go ahead and take the plunge. These Studios are the perfect opportunity for women like me to come together and meet up. I’m a big believer that the next 10 years are crucial for women to embrace the life they envision for themselves. We are already noticing a trend of the social media movements inspiring us to take charge of what we as women want and trust me ladies it’s there for the taking. I think the SXEfit studios are a classic example of what we as women can achieve. And if that is not enough to entice you in, then at least come along to a beginner’s class to have a laugh at my expense!

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